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Introducing: the Kengos Lace-Up

Introducing: the Kengos Lace-Up

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The Kengos Lace-Up: a radically different and remarkably simple new vision for footwear.

Made from natural, plant-based materials:

  1. Corn. Durable enough to wear all day, every day — our 100% corn fiber Amaizeᵀᴹ yarn really is amazing. It does triple duty as the material for the exterior of the upper, the shoe lace, and the weaving cord.
  2. Eucalyptus. Naturally antibacterial and breathable with an incredibly soft finish you will love feeling against your skin, our 100% eucalyptus yarn is the perfect material to use for the upper lining.
  3. Cork. Insanely light, extremely flexible, and able to support tremendous weight without breaking; cork is a wonder material that also happens to be tree bark. Harvested by hand in the same sustainable way for thousands of years, each cork oak tree regrows its bark in 9 year cycles over a lifespan that can surpass 150 years.
  4. Rubber. Able to withstand mile after mile of wear, it’s amazing to think that you are walking on tree sap. Our lives are surrounded by rubber, and so is our planet — it is said that there is 1 rubber tree for every 2 humans on earth.

Kengos Lace-Up top view

Made from only 4 essential components that work in harmony:

  1. Engineered Knit Upper. Using state of the art machinery, we piece knit our single-layer, double-face uppers for a seamless construction that fits like a glove. Our knit structure has been specially designed to completely eliminate the numerous reinforcement and stiffening components typically used in footwear. With 99.9% material consumption, we eliminate the excess waste associated with a traditional cut and sew assembly process.
  2. Natural Cork Midsole. Our anatomically shaped footbed molds to your foot over time, creating a custom fit that gets more comfortable the more you wear it. Covered in 100% cotton, your foot rests directly on the midsole, providing support that you need to feel to believe.
  3. Pure Flexᵀᴹ Natural Rubber Outsole. As tough as a work boot, our innovative natural rubber formula has best-in-class durability, flexibility, and sustainability. It was created and lab tested by our Head of R&D, a Professor of Organic Chemistry with more than 40 years experience in making high-performance tire rubber.
  4. 1KnotᵀᴹConstruction. Stand out style that gets noticed from across the room — a single continuous woven cord binds all of the components together, creating a completely adhesive-free assembly process. Tied by hand, this signature detail of every pair of Kengos exposes the craftsmanship of our work for the world to see.

Kengos are always:

  • Free of adhesives.
  • Free of reinforcements, backers, and stiffeners.
  • Free of leather and animal by-products.
  • Free of the typical petroleum based products found in most shoes: PU, TPU, TPR, PET, EVA, Polyester, and Nylon.

The Kengos Lace-Up is footwear redefined. Incredible comfort. Stand out style. Adhesive free. Plant-based. Made by hand.

Purchase the beta and experience the Kengos Lace-Up yourself!

Kengos Lace-Up stack


Written by Micah Heftman, Chief Product Officer

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