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The Kengos Lace-Up, now available in Beta

The Kengos Lace-Up, now available in Beta

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Be one of the first to wear our innovative footwear.

Over the last year, we at Kengos have invented a new shoe that’s first-of-its-kind in the footwear industry. From our unique 1Knotᵀᴹ construction to our proprietary Pure Flexᵀᴹ outsole (both patent-pending), we have been hard at work to create an eye-catching shoe that marries functional design with modern material science.

Now the time has come to unleash our new shoe, the Lace-Up, to the world, and we have decided to do it via a beta test. Here are the details.

Quick video overview of the Kengos Beta Test

Why are we doing a beta test?

As we have been developing our product, we have sent our shoes to a lab for durability tests, and Dave, our Founder and CEO, has worn them extensively to make sure they live up to our goal for 16-hour comfort. However, we know that’s not enough: we need more people to put them on and tell us what they think.

This is where the beta comes in. We think the shoes are great, but we want to know what the world loves about them, as well as areas where we can make improvements. We’re all about facts and making progress, and the beta is your opportunity to help us develop the best shoes on (and for) the planet.

How will the beta test work?

We manufactured a limited production run of our Lace-Ups to conduct a wear test and are going to make a small number of those shoes available for purchase. As a beta participant, you won’t just wear our shoes during the test. You’ll partner closely with our founding team to provide feedback on the product, identify new potential features, and get a few other exciting perks along the way (details below!).

After you receive the shoes, we ask that you wear them regularly for the next 30 days, during which we will ask for a total of 30 minutes of your time to provide us some feedback. To thank you for your time, we will send you a free pair of our final improved product when we launch later this fall.

The 30 minutes of feedback breaks down as follows:

  • 2 short surveys, less than 5 minutes each
  • 1 video review, easily captured via VideoPeel
  • 1 15-minute phone call with Dave, our CEO, or Micah, our Chief Product Officer, who are eager to hear about your experience with the shoes

As a beta customer, you will be invited to join the rest of the beta community and our Kengos team on Slack, where you can interact directly with other members, vote on future shoe colors, and get access to beta-exclusive events (plus a few surprises)!

I want in! How do I participate?

The beta will go live on Thursday, September 10. The shoes are available in sample sizes only, men’s U.S. size 9 and women’s U.S. size 7. If you wear one of these sizes, head to to purchase your pair and become a beta tester.

Don’t wear one of those sizes? Sign up for our email list and follow us on social media to be the first to know about our full launch later this fall!


Written by Wendy Kadon, Director of Marketing

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