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Kengos was founded in 2019 with the effort to create the world's most sustainable shoes. This mission comes to life through a 4 part philosophy we call “The Kengos Way"
Handcrafted using the brand's proprietary and patented 1Knot™ construction technology Kengos combine functional design and modern material science...all while using absolutely no glues.
Our shoes are amazingly supportive and flexible with zero break-in, all day comfort, all year wearability, and a unique stand-out style.
Kengos are affordable and innovative footwear for style conscious consumers with a spirit for adventure and a passion to protect the planet.

The Kengos Way

  1. Simplify with smart design

  2. Maximize plant-based materials

  3. Eliminate harmful petrochemicals

  4. Prioritize planet earth

Stretching Kengos shoe

Less Components Keeps You Flexible


The Kengos Way

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