Genuine Leather


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Genuine Leather

The leather we use is sourced from cattle who are responsibly and humanely raised for initial meat consumption. The leathers are then tanned without the use of heavy metals or chrome. Furthermore, we source this leather local to our manufacturing facility in Leon, Mexico in an effort to economically support the regions we operate within.

Genuine Leather

Kengos' tanneries pride themselves on providing a product that is chrome and metal-free always coming from humanely raised cattle.

No Glue

We all know glue was invented to not decompose...that's why we do not use it!

Agave-Based Midsole

Sourced locally in Mexico, our midsole repurposes biomass from the local tequila harvest that would otherwise go to waste.

PureFlex™ Rubber

Our Flexible and durable PureFlex™ natural rubber decpmposes 30x faster than industry averages

1Knot™ Construction

Kengos hand made, glue free 1Knot™ construction is assembled without the use of any adhesives.

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Sale priceFrom $155.00 USD

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