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Mushroom Leather

Also known as, HyphaLite™, mushroom leather is inspired by nature and creates the upper on a few Kengos styles. It is 100% biobased, biodegradable and regenerative. Mushroom leather is made from inedible mushrooms, which are farmed without using fertilizers. This makes mushroom leather an excellent upper material, durably composed to combat the harsh weather elements.

Mushroom Leather

HyphaLite is produced by ISA TanTec following LITE (Low Impact on The Environment) manufacturing processes, without using hazardous chemicals.

No Glue

We all know glue was invented to not decompose...that's why we do not use it!

Agave-Based Midsole

Sourced locally in Mexico, our midsole repurposes biomass from the local tequila harvest that would otherwise go to waste.

PureFlex™ Rubber

Our Flexible and durable PureFlex™ natural rubber decpmposes 30x faster than industry averages

1Knot™ Construction

Kengos hand made, glue free 1Knot™ construction is assembled without the use of any adhesives.

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