The Kengos Way

Watch How Shoes Are Made the Kengos Way

View the complete process of manufacturing shoes the sustainably way - the Kengos Way.

Shoes created with only 6 components! Contrasting the industry average of 52 components.

The task of making sustainable shoes does not end with the manufacturing of responsibly sourced materials. We consider all elements of our trade to be subject the standardization of sustainable practices, including packaging.

Let's Break It Down

Speaking to our Amaize™ Knit Construction

Component #1

Amaize™ Knit

Our super strong and durable white shoelaces are made from Amaize™, a 100% plant based corn fiber material.

The exterior of our uppers made with Amaize™ Knit are comprised of 100% plant-based corn fiber, the interior of the material is made of a eucalyptus knit.

What is Amaize™ Knit?

Amaize™ Knit is a knitted material comprised of polylactic acid (PLA), which is a thermoplastic monomer derived from 100% renewable corn starch and sugar cane.

Soft and Breathable

Amaize™ Knit is so soft, breathable and comfortable that you will not care to wear socks! In fact, that is how we have designed all Amaize™ Knit upper shoes.

Amaize™ Knit is completely washable!

Simply use warm water and a gentle soap to remove dirt and grime from your favorite Amaize™ Knit Kengos!

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Component #2 & #3

1Knot™ Construction & Amaize™ Knit Corn Laces

The 1Knot™ Construction is the key factor that literally binds together Kengos shoes.

Not only is this a key design feature of our shoes, but the 1Knot™ Construction allows us to completely remove the need for petroleum based adhesives, which are terrible for the environment.

The 1Knot™ Construction is completed by hand, binding precut wholes of the outsole, the midsole, and the upper together with our Amaize™ Knit Corn laces.

What is 1Knot™ Construction?

1Knot™ Construction is the absolute key to our shoe manufacturing process. The 1Knot™ Construction method allows us to create long lasting, durable, and stylish shoes without a drop of petroleum based adhesives.

1Knot™ Laces are Made From Amaize™ Knit

Our 1Knot™ laces that bind all of the shoes elements together is made from Amaize™ Knit material, providing a strong hold.

Hand Stitched Together

The 1Knot™ Construction method brings the art of cobblering back to life! All Kengos shoe components are hand stitched together.

Components #4 & #5

100% Cotton Footbed and Agave Based Midsole

Kengos utilizes a 100% cotton footbed for extra support, comfort and a spring in your step.

The cotton footbed rests on top of our all natural midsole, derived from the agave plant. Together they provide extreme comfort and support.

Cotton Clouds of Comfort

Walking a long distance can hurt anyone's feet, but the Kengos 100% cotton footbed helps prevent aches and pain.

Agave-Based Midsole

Our midsole is created from the biomass (bio-waste) from the tequila making process, making sure to use all of the plant material.

Nothing Goes to Waste

On of the principles of sustainability is to use everything you have, so nothing can be disposed of. Kengos has found a way to ensure that nothing is wasted, even within the tequila manufacturing process. Their waste is out midsole!

Factory Developed Ecosystem

One of the factories that manufactured our materials has created an ingenious all natural ecosystem, using the natural by-products from the manufacturing process, that would have otherwise gone to waste in a landfill.

Component #6

PureFlex™ Natural Rubber Outsole

Kengos puts the soul in outsole! Our PureFlex™ Rubber is an all natural rubber which decomposes 30x faster than that of the industry standard rubber.

PureFlex™ Rubber contains an enzyme that accelerates the breakdown process under high-heat and bacteria commonly found in landfills.

Flexibility Equals Comfort

Stride with confidence in Kengos. Light, breathable and flexible materials make Kengos shoes a luxurious and sustainable choice in footwear.

All Natural Rubber Straight From Nature

95% of the formulation of PureFlex™ Rubber includes plant-based ingredients. This allows Kengos to keep away from petroleum oils and oleic acid, commonly found in various vegetable oils.

Durability at It's Best

Don't be fooled bout our fluffy language. The Kengo's PureFlex™ Rubber outsoles on all Kengos shoes is put to the test and compares well to the non-environmentally conscious competitors.

Leaning Into Sustainability Beyond The Product


PCR Cardboard and Low-Impact Paper

PCR cardboard is crafted from recycled materials, giving a second life to consumer waste.

By utilizing PCR cardboard in our packaging, we contribute to the circular economy, minimizing resource consumption, and reinforcing our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Post Consumer Recycled Cardboard

All of our shoe boxes are created with the absence of tape and absolutely no glue! Our shoeboxes are made with cardboard that is up-cycled after initial human use.

Compostable Tissue Paper

To insure product quality during transportation we require tissue paper in our packaging. Our tissue paper is acid-free meaning it contains no sulfur or lignin allowing it to be a compostable material.

Looking to Learn More?

We pride ourselves in being as transparent as possible. Have any questions about our process or materials we use, reach out!

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