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Amaize™ Knit

Our flexible and breathable upper is made with Amaize™ - a 100% plant based corn fiber and an internal eucalyptus knit that is soft to the touch, in fact our Amaize™ Knit shoes are so comfortable that you will not want to wear socks, which is the intentional design of Amaize™ Knit shoes.

Amaize™ Knit

Created with a machine knitting process that leads to no excess waste.

No Glue

We all know glue was invented to not decompose...that's why we do not use it!

Agave-Based Midsole

Sourced locally in Mexico, our midsole repurposes biomass from the local tequila harvest that would otherwise go to waste.

PureFlex™ Rubber

Our Flexible and durable PureFlex™ natural rubber decpmposes 30x faster than industry averages

1Knot™ Construction

Kengos hand made, glue free 1Knot™ construction is assembled without the use of any adhesives.

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